How to Make Money from Online Casino Roulette

Roulette is the oldest gambling game that attracts the attention of gamblers with elementary rules and the ability to hit a big jackpot. During this time, many strategies for playing roulette in casinos have been developed.

Martingale System

The oldest strategy has existed for over 200 years and is still used by players. It is based on doubling the bet amount after a loss. Several varieties of Martingale are known:

  • Elongated. The bet on a field with a specific number increases gradually after a certain number of games. For example, over 35 throws, a chip of 1 credit is placed on the same number, then the number of chips doubles and lasts for 18 throws, then 3 coins are placed for each of 12 draws in a row.
  • American. This option is based on the constant doubling of the bet coins after a loss, while clients are advised to bet on the dozen.

When playing Martingale, it should be remembered that after each successful drawing it is necessary to return to the original bet.

Fibonacci Method

It is based on a numerical sequence, where each next value in a row is the sum of the previous two. It is proposed to use this sequence when placing chips on the table after each defeat — x1, x1, x2, x3, x5, x8, x13, x21, x34, etc. When receiving a payment, you have to step back on two values. This system requires a large bankroll and no less patience.


Based on the observation of the uneven distribution of colours on the table. For this reason, money is wagered in equal parts per colour and per column (12 numbers). For example, when choosing black, the third column is preferred, where there are more red zones. If red is selected, then the second part is placed on the middle row. Mathematical calculations show that over a long distance there is a high probability of fixing income if the described rules are strictly followed.

Lucky Seven

The main goal is to get seven consecutive wins. After each, the amount is increased by 50%, and after the loss is set to the original mark. This method reduces the risk of loss and is designed for a long gaming session.

Going through the well-known methods of playing roulette in online casinos, gamblers forget about the most important thing — the result depends on chance. From a mathematical point of view, it is impossible to predict the occurrence of a particular number. Popular schemes are aimed at reducing losses but do not guarantee a large cash prize. Therefore, it is better to bet small money, even if there is a large amount on the account, and play only on trusted sites.

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